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Successful strategy is defined not so much by its cleverness as it is by its faithful execution.  Reviewing or defining the strategic direction of any organisation will involve a range of stakeholders, some of whom will have conflicting expectations of the organisation and its future.  Thatís why most written strategies are at odds with the daily decisions and actions of the people who determine success or failure.

At PS2, we firmly believe that the only strategy that really matters is the one in peopleís heads.  Therefore we work with our clients to clarify and articulate a strategy that matches the organisationís DNA.  To do that we follow a simple, but profound framework:




It is not possible for an organisation to outsource its heart or its brain.  That is why importing a clever Strategic Intent rarely works effectively.  When strategy is at odds with what an organisation deeply values or challenges entrenched structures or ignores gaping holes in organisational capability, the outcome is always less than satisfactory.


The trick is to start with a deep analysis of who we are, why we exist and what we stand for.  Only then can an organisation formulate a strategy that will take root and thrive.